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You, as do each of us, have a naturally present, potentially explosive, creative force within you from which prosperity will flow when ignited by inspiration. Technology is expanding your opportunity to be creative, happy, and prosperous. The Internet, as a vehicle of creative expression and financial opportunity, is available to empower you. Ignite your creativity with the knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies available right here on our website. Let us guide you to a prosperous online experience.


The original, authentic Internet Income Course is an Internet Marketing course written by George Little for the SFI Marketing Group. While written for affiliates of the SFI Marketing Group, the course has proven useful to a variety of Internet Marketers involved in many different programs and projects - and has proven useful for small business owners in defining and promoting an Internet strategy for their brick and mortar business. If you are not a member of the SFI Marketing Group, you may purchase a lifetime subscription to the course for $295.00 by clicking here, or better yet, become an SFI affiliate and receive the course for free.

Affiliates of the SFI Marketing Group have access to new lessons monthly and may view past lessons on the SFI Web Site. If you are not an SFI affiliate but would like to become one and receive the course for free, simply click here.

Members of the International Association of Home-Based Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) also have free access to the Internet Income Course. To join the IAHBE, click here.

The first section of the Internet Income Course is published in book form.

INTERNET INCOME VOL 1: As an introduction to the Internet Income Course, this book is the most important book on Internet Marketing available today.

If you are an SFI Affiliate, go to your Affiliate Store to purchase the book. Others,  GET YOUR COPY NOW!  Buy it here.

Internet Income, Vol. 1 is loaded with Internet Strategies that can be put to work for you immediately. And, it is updated right here on our website. This book will be the cornerstone of your Internet Marketing library. Internet Income Vol. 1 is your first step in an Internet Marketing career. It is also very helpful to experienced Internet marketers. (Not an ebook - this is the real thing - a book you can curl up with in your favorite easy chair and learn the essestials of Internet Marketing in easy to understand language.) SFI Affiliates, go to your Affiliate Store to purchase the book. Others, Buy it here.

Error Corrections and updates for the book series will be posted on this website. You may submit your comments about the Course or the books directly to the author via from our contact form.

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